About Us

My Tutors is a social enterprise which is striving to unlock the potential of students and increase their learning capabilities, so they are able to get better grades in their exams. Currently we are holding our classes at community centres in East London areas. We consider ourselves the first tuition centre in the UK which provides private tuition with free exam preparation through examination camps, called Examps. We aim to have best tutors for Maths, English and Science. We do tuition from Key Stage 1 up to A Levels including GCSE. Research shows that a lot of students are struggling in Maths, English and Science subjects at GCSE level. For this reason we have very passionate and bright tutors who are specialists in their own subjects and provide productive lessons for these subjects. We have a very unique initiative Science Focus, where students take free lessons up to 6 weeks. Apart from delivering lessons we engage students in learning through different activities like learning out of the usual study place, regular presentations and workshops to equip the students with learning skills for various subjects.